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In-depth Insights

In-depth Insights

The 2021 PCA Forum BUILDING BRIDGES will take place from the 8th to the 13th of November 2022.

On the first page of the presentation we have taken over what had been elaborated by Paris-Dourdan for the PCA2019 Forum, because we've considered it very very valuable.

Why "Building Bridges". To reach the most disparate parts of the world and connect, embrace, welcome. The parts of the world: ourselves and our parts, the exchange from person-to-person, from person to group, from group to group, from Country to Country. This is possible thanks to the Quiet Revolution. Rogers has been defined a “Quiet Revolutionary” and he wrote that: "To the degree that each one of us is willing to be himself, then he finds not only himself changing; but he finds that other people to whom he relates are also changing" and thus he finds that he's changing the world too. Like many waves generated by a flat pebble thrown into the water. And, in our experience, with the values and spirit of the Person-Centered Approach - empathy, congruence, unconditional acceptance, trust above all - this is possible.

The Forum is a place for sharing knowledge and personal experiences. From its origins the Forum's objective has been to promote contributions to the theory of the Person-Centered Approach. Therefore, in this Italian Forum "Building Bridges”, it's very important to present in-depth and theoretical works and not just experiential works. The Forum is an encounter of people around the values of the Person-Centered Approach and its main aspect is what is experienced in the relationship between people. 
The equality of all members and the creativity that is born in freedom are above all emphasized. 
The Quiet Revolution Movement wishes to bring these values and the spirit of Forum to Italy, in order for these to embrace as many people as possible and sprout in the future.
Living the Forum in a residential form is fully part of the experience: "We make life together"says Alberto Segrera, at all levels, even informal and entertaining. Everyone is free to participate in the Community Groups or to follow the works presented by the partecipant.

In the morning, a shorter group meeting or "Weather Bulletin" will be opening the day, as well as on arrival on Novembre 8th 2022 and departure on November 13th 2022: in this "Bulletin" the Community organizes and regulates itself. The Community Group will be held every evening. Both groups are open to all participants.

The role of the Organizing Commission is only to bring the Community together, which, once reunited, will be responsible for itself and its own decisions.

There will be four rooms for the presentation of the works. 

The works, papers, seminars, small or large groups, workshops that will be presented are proposed by the participants themselves. All are at the same level. Everyone, as he/she sees fit, will propose to present his/her work during the Forum itself. There are therefore no pre-established conference programs.

As for the languages spoken in the Forum, even if Italian and English will be the most used, everyone can speak in their own language. The mutual help between the participants is part of the spirit of the Forum and allows to overcome communication difficulties.

The venue, Borgo di Tragliata, is a village of Etruscan origins, about 40 km from Rome and 30 km from Fiumicino.
The transfer from Fiumicino, Ciampino or Termini station is organized by the Borgo itself and included in the cost of the Forum. 
There are single, double, triple and quadruple rooms, at different costs, for a total of 200 participants.

We would have loved to make discounted rates for those coming from the most distant countries but unfortunately from an organizational and accounting point of view, this was not possible. We therefore warmly invite those who consider it necessary, to request contributions to the Solidarity Fund.