Privacy Guarantor - resolution n. 229 of May 8, 2014

In computing, cookies are lines of text that are used to track or store information concerning visitors to a site so that they can improve the display of content that is published online.
Some of these cookies have a technical function and are used to allow people to use services, such as private areas or the choice of languages, others an analytical function (always counted as technical cookies by the legislation) and are used to record statistics. relating to the site, such as how many pages have been visited and for how long, helping us to understand how to improve navigation and the contents we offer and to be more relevant with regards to the need expressed by the user through the search.
According to current regulations, no consent is required for these cookies.

There are also profiling cookies and those of third parties that are used to send advertising messages relating to the preferences shown, such as advertising campaigns called remarketing which are used to send messages in line with the interests expressed by the user while browsing.
Consent is required for the use of these cookies.


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Google Analytics: for the analysis of browsing data and for the generation of statistics on the use of the website (to prevent the storage of these cookies follow the following procedure: http://www.google.com/intl/it_ALL/ analytics / learn / privacy.html)
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